Carrosserie Mont-Bleu ProColor, your auto body shop certified Green Key


Respect for the environment: our priority

Carrosserie Mont-Bleu makes respect for the environment one of its priorities. As auto body shop professionals, we are committed to using green products and promoting recycling.


Concrete initiatives

To this end, we have joined the Green Key environmental recognition and valorization program. As part of this program, we are committed to enhancing our level of environmental management and to ensure consistency. To meet each of the criteria, we had to put in place a number of required environmental measures before receiving the certification from the independent organization. This gives you the assurance of an independent third party that the auto shop you have chosen is environmentally friendly.


Specific criteria

Several criteria are retained in order to be certified Green key, including:

  • The respect of environment
  • Compliance with laws and regulations
  • The application of good workshop practices that go beyond the laws and regulations
  • Customer safety
  • Equipment maintenance
  • The competence of human resources
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