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Our ProColor auto repair shop services



That will repair the wrinkled sheet after an accident. To make your vehicle look great after an accident, we are equipped to perform the auto body repair with our team of qualified specialists. Regardless of the importance of breakage, we can repair it easily and professionally.



We have 2 paint chambers and a team of professionals to give your vehicle an initial appearance. Our high-end paint will make your vehicle sparkle again and turn heads! Find your sparkling car as it was in new condition.


body repair

All types of accidents cause breakage on the surface of cars. At Carrosserie Mont-Bleu, we have the knowledge and the technology to make your car look great. Whether your breakage is minimal or important, our specialists repair your vehicle to offer you a flawless body!


collision repair

Seeing damaged cars is part of our daily lives and that's why we are experts in the repair of damaged vehicles. We are experienced specialists in accident vehicle repair. Entrust us your car for a professional repair as you deserve


Auto body repair
on all makes and models

We love diversity! We work with all the models of cars that exist. Japanese, American, German, luxury cars ... no problem! We can fix it and we will do it with extraordinary expertise!



Your vehicle is getting repaired and you need a replacement car? No problem! We lend you a car during this period. Our courtesy vehicle will allow you the liberty to do your things while we repair your car.


Windshield and
glass repair

Our specialists will change all your glass parts quickly and securely.We can replace all the windows of your vehicle no matter what we have to fix.. We are qualified and our glazing service is impeccable and fast.



Our goal is to accompany you, the best as we can, in situations that are usually stressful and boring. To simplify your life, we offer you a free estimate! To simplify your life, we offer you a free estimate! Regardless of the repair to be made, we will be able to advise you how much damage you have at no cost.


Our work is
lifetime warranty

At Carrosserie Mont-Bleu, we believe in our expertise and methodology, which is why we offer you a lifetime warranty Any repairs you make with us will be guaranteed for the life of your vehicle at no additional cost. We are experts and we guarantee our work!


Facilitate the claim process with your insurance

We understand that these situations are disturbing and we are doing everything possible to facilitate the process and the steps related to these incidents. Our years of experience in the field allow us to forge links with several insurance companies, which allows you to rest and leave us to take care of your claim. For peace of mind, entrust us with your vehicle.

At Carrosserie Mont-Bleu ProColor, we take care of your car!

You will find detail-oriented car body shop specialists who will offer you quality work and who will listen to you in order to bring you the highest level of satisfaction.

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